Environmental Sustainability - La Purative signs the National Pact for Energy Transition

La Purative is a proud member of Monaco’s National Pact for Energy Transition.

The National Pact was created by the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) in 2018 following the wishes of S.A.S. the Sovereign Prince. It acts as a vehicle for advancement to enable individuals and companies within the principality to pioneer sustainable solutions. The National MTE Pact is based on the three priority areas of the energy transition: mobility, waste, and energy.

Today, the cosmetic industry is a major contributor to excess waste, plastic pollution, and global warming. La Purative was founded on the idea that health and beauty products should be indulgent and effective without compromise. Following detailed research and development, glass bottles were selected to house La Purative’s formulas. An elegant and durable material that allows for infinite recycling. We also provide the option to use stainless steel wall mounts made from renewable energy. A contemporary design that seamlessly fits into your home or business alike. To further our goals towards a circular lifecycle, we offer refilling solutions to businesses and are currently in the process of establishing refill stations within the Principality.

La Purative follows responsible practices at all points of our operations and processes. We share a common mission to act responsibly towards protecting our environment, while improving our quality of life. We are committed to pursue innovative solutions to harmonise the relationship between people, product and planet.